June 19, 2012

Why do we moms, or just women in general, feel guilty about taking time for ourselves? We spend every minute of the day taking care of other, putting their needs first. I know it's not just me that feels that way. I've heard too many others talk about how difficult it is for them to have "me" time. 

So, yesterday I took the day off from work to run errands. My little man turns one Sunday and we have his daycare party Friday and his actual party Saturday. I finished running errands, threw I a load of laundry and a load of dishes. I was about to sit down and work on some other things but then I looked out the window. No one was at our neighborhood pool. That never happens on a warm, sunny day. Never. So, I put on my swimsuit, slathered on some sunscreen, grabbed a towel, sunglasses, some water, our pool key, my house key, and my earbuds and me and my friend called iPhone went to the pool. 

Doesn't that water look nice? Do you see the sun haze in the photo? It was warm. Really warm. But it was so nice to lay poolside for an hour, on a Monday especially, and just listen to my old school 90's music (is 90's music old school?). I only had an hour because I had to go pick up little man from daycare. 

I felt guilty for not going to pick my child up early. I felt like a bad mom for choosing to lay by the pool instead of running to get my child or doing more housework. But, I let all that go. I needed to relax. I haven't truly relaxed since little man was born. I haven't had a night out in what seems like forever. I needed a little me time. And, I got it. And, it. Felt. Good.

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  1. Hi, Leigh! I found your blog from Pinterest Told Me To. I saw that you were a Bama fan and we are, too. We have Bama family staying with us (in Louisiana) this weekend and just finished watching us whip up on VT. Roll Tide!!!