May 21, 2012

These Are My Confessions

Sing it like Boys 2 Men...

My 10 month old has 9 teeth and his one year molars are coming in. It's insane I tell ya.
I decided to make my little one a DIY baby book because I couldn't find anything in the store that I liked that didn't look too babyish. I still need to insert photos, but it's going well.
My house is a total disaster. Clean laundry on a pile on the living room loveseat. Floors that need vaccuming. Dishes that need washing. Toys that need putting away. But, all that can wait. My little man played and crawled everywhere and played some more and then passed out at 8:15p. Now, I'm tired.

Since I have to get up every morning and leave my house to go work, I shower and was my hair. But sometimes, I leave with my hair still damp. And, more often than I'd like to admit, I leave with no makeup on either.
I have been watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD for the last 2 nights. I love that show! I love it so much I did a google search to find out what brands of clothes Penny wears on the show. Seriously. That happened.

We are in the middle of first birthday party planning. I am having to much fun. His invitation is ordered. I designed it myself and got it ordered this weekend. I got such a phenominal deal and I am so excited about it!

I need a pedicure. My poor feet. They've been neglected for about a year. The last pedicure I got was right before I had little man last June. That was also the last time my nails were painted. I am way overdue.

Right now, I am craving a bear claw from Panera Bread. What's funny is Penny on The Big Bang Theory just said "I run till I'm hungry, then I stop for a bear claw."

I need to go shopping. Badly. Seriously. Since having a baby, my body has changed shape. Everything....shifted. And. My feet grew. I need a camel colored handbag, some red Tom's, denium shorts, a few shirts and pants to wear to work, flat camel colored sandals, black flats and jeans. Those are my needs. Let's not get started on wants.

I have a couple monogram necklaces I've been mulling over for a couple months. I really need to make a decision on which one to purchase. Wanna take a looksee?

This one is from baublebar.

This one is also from baublebar.

Which one would you pick?


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  1. Great blog!!!! I like the second monogrammed necklace..I need to start blogging again! Been too busy!! :(