June 19, 2012

Why do we moms, or just women in general, feel guilty about taking time for ourselves? We spend every minute of the day taking care of other, putting their needs first. I know it's not just me that feels that way. I've heard too many others talk about how difficult it is for them to have "me" time. 

So, yesterday I took the day off from work to run errands. My little man turns one Sunday and we have his daycare party Friday and his actual party Saturday. I finished running errands, threw I a load of laundry and a load of dishes. I was about to sit down and work on some other things but then I looked out the window. No one was at our neighborhood pool. That never happens on a warm, sunny day. Never. So, I put on my swimsuit, slathered on some sunscreen, grabbed a towel, sunglasses, some water, our pool key, my house key, and my earbuds and me and my friend called iPhone went to the pool. 

Doesn't that water look nice? Do you see the sun haze in the photo? It was warm. Really warm. But it was so nice to lay poolside for an hour, on a Monday especially, and just listen to my old school 90's music (is 90's music old school?). I only had an hour because I had to go pick up little man from daycare. 

I felt guilty for not going to pick my child up early. I felt like a bad mom for choosing to lay by the pool instead of running to get my child or doing more housework. But, I let all that go. I needed to relax. I haven't truly relaxed since little man was born. I haven't had a night out in what seems like forever. I needed a little me time. And, I got it. And, it. Felt. Good.

June 14, 2012


I am Type A. I will make a list to keep track of the lists I need to make. Seriously. I am that bad. Becoming a mom hasn't changed my list making, I just make more lists now than I ever have before. Lots more.

I have always been a firm believer in learning as I go. Life is about trial and error. These two things have never been more true to me. In work I do around the house, at my full-time outside the home job, at home with my husband and especially, with my son. It's all trial and error. What works for me, doesn't work for someone else.

Everyone I know recommended Pampers Swaddlers as the diaper to use. Heck, even the hospital used them and sent some home with us. We were given hundreds and hundreds of them. But...my child ended up getting crazy diaper rash. Then, we noticed the diapers leaked. All of them. I thought, maybe it's me. I'm a new mom, it has to be me. Well, on a whim (mainly because we had a good coupon and they were on sale), we tried Huggies Pure & Natural. They worked great. No leaks and most importantly, no diaper rash. We've since moved on to Huggies Little Movers, Overnights and even tried the Slip-Ons. We are a Huggies family. Bottles were the same way. We were given literally 10 different kinds of bottles. I didn't know there were that many on the market. One of the 3 brands of bottles we weren't given, Dr. Brown's, are the ones my child loved. Breastfeeding, let's not get me started on it. I'm a pumper. I am still pumping. We will save the breastfeeding story for another day.

In fact, we are still trying to find a stroller our child actually likes. We aren't really looking to spend a ton of money on one since Little Man is going to one in just a few weeks. We may never find that perfect stroller. Does it exist???

Everything takes twice as long when you have a child. If it normally takes you 45 minutes without a child, you are guaranteed you will add another 45+ minutes to that time with a child.

I love big, roomy handbags. I never fill them all the way up because I like to leave room for any extra's I may need or acquire throughout my day, week, etc. Well, after having a child, I also acquired a diaper bag, a baby must have. I had a custom diaper bag set made. I got a good size bag as well as a matching clutch, key fob and coin purse. When Little Man was really small, I put my wallet, phone and chapstick in the clutch and dropped the clutch into the diaper bag. That's all I took with me whenever we went anywhere. I wanted to keep all of my things together so I always knew where my stuff was. In fact, I still do that now and sometimes I stick a small container of wipes and a couple diapers in my clutch and toss that in my handbag. It just depends on the day, my mood, how organized my handbag is, my outfit. Any number of things. This a picture of my diaper bag.

Do you see the little blue chevron patern peeking out the top? That's a diaper. The limited edition Huggies Hawaiian print diaper. They are so cute! This is the medium Emma bag from MarandaLee.com. I love this bag! I picked out the fabrics myself based on pictures on her website. She added a zipper top for me. I get compliments on the this every time I carry it out in public. In fact, I was sitting in a restaurant one day having lunch with a friend and a girl in the booth beside us gets up and puts her diaper bag on her shoulder. I recognized it as one of Maranda's bags immediately, even before I saw the label. It was the same size as mine but it a beautiful yellow and gray print. I want another one of these bags in a small and I also want one of her Chloe bags. They are on my "want" list.

I never realized how slow my point and shoot camera was until my child started moving around! I really need to upgrade to a DSLR so I can get better pictures of him.

I've always loved monogrammed items.  But since having a child, I love them even more! I want everything monogrammed!!! I think I have a monogram problem.

Does anyone else have any realizations they would like to share?

June 1, 2012

It's been a short week and I do very much love a short week. The weekend promises to be busy. My hope is the nasty storm clouds move out and the temp warms up a tad - mama is ready for some pool time!!! But first things first, nail polish on the tootsies and new sunscreen. Is it sad that it's June and I have not purchased sunscreen? My child has sunscreen, but I don't and if you know how pale I am, no sunscreen is a huge no-no!!!

Happy weekend all!

May 25, 2012

This is the kind of day I'm having today. I am definitely looking to forward to a much needed 3 day weekend. 

May 21, 2012

These Are My Confessions

Sing it like Boys 2 Men...

My 10 month old has 9 teeth and his one year molars are coming in. It's insane I tell ya.
I decided to make my little one a DIY baby book because I couldn't find anything in the store that I liked that didn't look too babyish. I still need to insert photos, but it's going well.
My house is a total disaster. Clean laundry on a pile on the living room loveseat. Floors that need vaccuming. Dishes that need washing. Toys that need putting away. But, all that can wait. My little man played and crawled everywhere and played some more and then passed out at 8:15p. Now, I'm tired.

Since I have to get up every morning and leave my house to go work, I shower and was my hair. But sometimes, I leave with my hair still damp. And, more often than I'd like to admit, I leave with no makeup on either.
I have been watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD for the last 2 nights. I love that show! I love it so much I did a google search to find out what brands of clothes Penny wears on the show. Seriously. That happened.

We are in the middle of first birthday party planning. I am having to much fun. His invitation is ordered. I designed it myself and got it ordered this weekend. I got such a phenominal deal and I am so excited about it!

I need a pedicure. My poor feet. They've been neglected for about a year. The last pedicure I got was right before I had little man last June. That was also the last time my nails were painted. I am way overdue.

Right now, I am craving a bear claw from Panera Bread. What's funny is Penny on The Big Bang Theory just said "I run till I'm hungry, then I stop for a bear claw."

I need to go shopping. Badly. Seriously. Since having a baby, my body has changed shape. Everything....shifted. And. My feet grew. I need a camel colored handbag, some red Tom's, denium shorts, a few shirts and pants to wear to work, flat camel colored sandals, black flats and jeans. Those are my needs. Let's not get started on wants.

I have a couple monogram necklaces I've been mulling over for a couple months. I really need to make a decision on which one to purchase. Wanna take a looksee?

This one is from baublebar.

This one is also from baublebar.

Which one would you pick?


May 20, 2012

Snotty McSnoterson

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Ross talked about the names he made up for his students? Haha so funny :)That's what my title is an ode to...

I am having a rough allergy year. Seriously rough. It's been bad. Even the Mr. has some issues every once and a while and doesn't have any known allergies. And the little man in our house? He's having a rough time like his mama. He's pitiful. Watery eyes and more snot than I would ever want to see. Grossed out yet?

I take a Claritin (and maybe tylenol for the headaches). I know what the problem is, been dealing with it my whole life. Though I must say, living in Nashville is worse on my allergies than back home in Alabama. But my little guy, he doesn't understand. He's not quite 10 months old so pretty much all I can do for him is suck his nose with an aspirator and wipe it down. Seriously pitiful. I use my grape scented Boogie Wipes or Puffs Plus facial tissues to wipe his nose when he needs it. I have been using the blue aspirator that we got from the hospital to suck his nose. I was told it was the best. The sweet nurses gave us two of them. I don't know about all kids, but my child HATES that thing. He starts crying as soon as he sees it. He fights us so hard to keep us from using it. He doesn't understand we are trying to help him.

I had seen an episode of Rachael Ray awhile back when they did a Human Lab. One of the products tested was this tube and you use it to suck the snot out of your baby's nose. Gross right? Well desperate times call for desperate measures.

I happen to see one of these things while shopping and on a crazy whim, I bought it. We have now used it several times. I LOVE this thing! It works so well! My child isn't afraid of it and we can get that yucky, nasty stuff cleared from his nose in no time. Seriously, I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner. No worries, there's a filter in it to trap the grossness, but in my experience, I really don't see how anything could reach your mouth. You would have to be one bad mambajamba sucker. Seriously award winning.


April 17, 2012

When I Grow Up

I remember saying the phrase "when I grow up" all the time when I was younger. I wanted to be a lawyer, a teacher, a mommy, a doctor. So many different things. When I graduated high school I had dreams of one day being a high powered executive. I would wear expensive suits and heels every day. People would listen to me and value my opinions.

Because of that dream, I went to college and majored in business management. I completed by degree and started an office job. I was on my way to achieving my dream of being this big corporate executive.

Well, over the years, that dream changed. I wanted to be a teacher. A photographer. A wedding and party planner. A graphic designer. An interior designer. A fashion designer. A personal stylist. A hairdresser. A stay at home mommy. I can't seem to make up my mind. I keep growing and changing and along the way, I find new passions, new things I love. I also find new ways to fill my ever-changing dreams of what I want to be. I have found that I am all ready many of the things I dream of being.

Although my career aspirations change constantly, one thing remains the same. I want to be the best granddaughter, daughter, friend, wife and mom that I can be. A person who loves unconditionally.

When I was thinking about all the things I want to be, I realized I am those things. I don't get paid for them with money, but I am paid in different ways. Ways that mean the most.

Does anyone else find their career aspirations change over time? I know I'm not alone.